So, as if hunting down humans with Royal Variety Show worthy talents and sob story riddled young wans with the X Factor wasn't enough, Simon Cowell's now drafted Countdown queen Carol Vorderman to helm his search for Britain's Best Recipe. Yes, recipe. *cough*

Not content with the Great British Bake Off or MasterChef's efforts, the telly mogul has decided to branch out with Food Glorious Food, a series which is being billed as the "Antiques Roadshow of food" or the "X Factor of cooking". We're not sure which one sounds worse. There's a lovely prize in store for the show's winner though - their recipe will be turned into a meal, ready for sale on the shelves of Marks and Spencer. There's the small matter of £20,000 being up for grabs too.

Cowell's amassed quite the crew of judges for the programme, which he has previously claimed is "not a show for snobs". Food writer Tom Parker Bowles, former MasterChef contestant Stacie Stewart, ex-MasterChef host and foodie extraordinaire Lloyd Grossman and, most importantly for d'telly, Anne Harrison, Vice Chairman of the WI, England's answer to the ICA. Should have called Imelda, Simon... she'd show em what for from the kitchens in An Grianan!

Between the line up and the prime time slot (8pm on ITV), it's no wonder Delia Smith's hung up her apron. Are we set for yet another SyCo produced smash hit?

Catch Food Glorious Food on ITV from February 27th.