We were starting to think we may never see this lady again but it looks like actress Paula Lane has returned to filming on Coronation Street as Kylie Platt.

Paula left the soap to go on maternity leave back in November, but the last we saw of her character Kylie was Christmas Day when she took off in a taxi after David (her husband) kicked her out when he realised her ex Callum was her drug dealer. (The drama of it all!)

We haven't seen sight nor sound of her since then, which has left David to battle for custody over Max on his own against Callum. Things aren't going too well for David on that front either so probably best Kylie rocks up soon and gets her ass into gear.

Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn said: "[Kylie is] going to come back right in the middle of the custody battle and she'll come back realising that because of her using drugs, because of her disappearing act, she might be losing Max forever.

"So there's big stuff for her. She's going to have to get her act together, she really is."

There she is now...