In case you were thinking that every possible dating reality TV show had been done by now, Channel 4 have of course found an even stranger way for us all to watch people get together.

This is a dating show with a twist though as it will be setting people up on dates who have actually been together for a long time, although they don't know they have.

Stay with us.

The show, called 'Hello Stranger', will meet couples who are looking to recapture the excitement of falling in love. They meet hypnotist Aaron Calvert, who makes them temporarily forget each other.

Tonight, we meet Lucy and George, who go out on dates with two other people who match what they are looking for in an ideal partner. They also meet each other, as if for the first time, to find out whether they might fall in love all over again.

Awkward if they end up going for the other person though, 'ey?

Honestly, what will they think of next. (Yes we will be glued to this.)

Watch 'Hello Stranger' tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm.