The "interview" series returns to Sky Arts with an interesting line-up of guests from Tuesday October 30th. Really it's two random famous sorts having a chat in the presence of an open fire. One generally gasses on more than the other one as there's no set interviewer to mediate between the pair. In short, it's a forced chat. The pairs share their life experiences, stories from childhood, their early career, their successes and failures and reveal how their subsequent journey through wealth and fame has shaped their lives. The lucky feckers.

So who's being paired off with whom? We'll have...

James Nesbitt in conversation with Nicholas Evans,
Anna Friel in conversation with Brenda Fricker,
Ken Livingstone in conversation with Timothy West,
John Hurt in conversation with Alan Parker,
Steven Berkoff in conversation with Martin Kemp,
Alan Davies in conversation with Des O'Connor,
Mary Quant in conversation with Alexandra Shulman,
David Bailey in conversation with Tim Marlow.

Noted playwright and actor Steven Berkoff in conversation with Martin Kemp off Spandeau Ballet / EastEnders? Bring it on.

As for Anna Friel and Brenda Fricker: "From the highs of Anna’s joyful childhood and supportive family to the lows of Brenda revealing how she was ostracised from television and film employment, the two actresses share turbulent career paths."