Although it's been off the air since 2007 - that's 12 years ago, people - 'Little Britain' continues to hold a place in people's hearts.

It might be the dearth of characters, it could be Matt Lucas and David Walliams' hilarious writing, or it could be that sketch comedy in this part of the world just hasn't been all that good for some time.

Either way, the absence of 'Little Britain' has been sorely felt and it looks like there's now a revival in the works. Speaking on 'This Morning' with Holly Willoughby and Paul Schofield, David Walliams was quizzed about the possibility of a revival.

"Matt has his last night in 'Les Misérables' – the stage show – tonight, so we’re meeting up very soon and talking about our future plans," Walliams explained. "We did a special episode called 'Little Brexit', because the show started on Radio 4, so we’d love to do more and maybe do something new."

Funnily enough, it was around this time last year that Matt Lucas took to Twitter to deny rumours surfacing in the Daily Mail that a reunion was being planned for 'Little Britain', shooting down fans' hopes of a revival of the series.

'Little Britain' ran from 2003 to 2007, spanning a total of 44 episodes across six seasons. On top of that, it spawned 'Come Fly With Me', a sort-of spinoff that featured Lucas and Walliams in a variety of characters at London Stansted. That, however, only lasted a single season and was eventually dropped by BBC altogether.

Since then, Lucas and Walliams have been working on different things - but it's only recent that rumours of a 'Little Britain' revival have been in the works, and comes just as fellow British classic comedy 'Spitting Image' looks set to return.