It's easily the most talked-about show this summer, but Stranger Things really has become an overnight sensation since it launched.

The '80s-set sci-fi horror has won praise from audiences and even some of its influences, including Stephen King himself tweeting about the show on a regular basis. While many have praised the superb acting by Winona Ryder and the young cast, its many nods and winks to classic sci-fi horror and so forth, just as many have fallen in love with its excellent synthwave soundtrack.

The first volume of the soundtrack, created by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of synthwave group S U R V I V E, is now available on Apple Music for streaming. The second volume will go up on August 19th and a physical release will be made available on September 23rd.

It's not yet known if the soundtrack will be made available on Spotify. As of writing, there's no sign of it on the rival streaming service. You can, however, stream the album below - if you've got an Apple Music account.

Stand-out track has to be either A Kiss, the incredible opening titles or Fresh Blood. What's yours? Let us know in the comments!