She made quite the name for herself as the weird but wondeful Phoebe Buffay on Friends but now it seems Lisa Kudrow is about to make another splash on our TV screens, albeit in a very different role.

As per Deadline, she's due to join Kerry Washington and co for Season 3 of lip biting drama Scandal. Word on the street is that she'll be jumping on board as a powerful politician by the name of Shelley Meyers, although the exact nature of the role and the full details of her character's plot line have yet to be confirmed by ABC.

Last time we saw Lisa on screen was on The Comeback which, despite a decent enough performance from the lady herself, just did not connect at all. Call it the Joey effect if you will... Matt Le Blanc's gone on to leave that debacle behind him with Episodes though, so perhaps this could be Lisa's opportunity to take a leap forward?

In fairness to Ms Kudrow, funny and all as she is, when she plays cold she does it in style. Here's hoping she's getting her uber-wagon on in this one, kicking ass and taking names as she goes. We'd love to see her going head to head with Washington's Olivia.

Season 2 of Scandal is currently airing on More4.