It's been off the air for thirteen years, but nobody's even close to letting Friends go.

This week, a story did the rounds that claimed Friends star Lisa Kudrow was apparently in talks to star in another Friends spinoff - this one, of course, focusing on Phoebe Buffay and what's she been up to since the show ended.

The story was supposed to pick up after the show ended with Phoebe back in New York and divorced from Mike, who was played by Paul Rudd, and sources even claimed that there were plans for a reunion episode with the original cast.

According to InTouch Magazine, Kudrow was apparently brainstorming ideas with Friends creator Marta Kauffman, who are currently working together on Netflix's sitcom, Grace & Frankie. However, in a statement to DigitalSpy, Lisa Kudrow's publicist confirmed that she is not working on any such project.

It's a shame, but considering how Joey was cancelled after just two seasons, it should come as no surprise that this wasn't going to happen.

Still, we'll always have Smelly Cat.


Via Digital Spy / InTouch