Hold the phone there now lads, LiLo ain't off for another stint in rehab, she's just signed on to star in Charlie Sheen's rather successful and immensely popular comedy series on FX.

It seems the troubled starlet and her new BFF have really hit it off. As if starring in Scary Movie 5 together wasn't enough, they're now teaming up for a bit of telly. We hear Lohan will be playing herself on the show, and serving as one of Sheen's patients. Of course, she'll be attempting to woo the former Two And A Half Men star, as pretty much every female who steps on set to guest star does. We're not quite sure what it is about him that drives the ladies quite so wild. Must be all that tiger blood...

Anger Management has been a rather big hit for Sheen, pulling in the likes of his famous father, Martin Sheen, and music mogul Cee Lo Green to guest star. Guess Sheen wasn't lying when he said he was bi-winning!

Catch Charlie and the gang in action every Wednesday night from 10pm on Comedy Central.