It was the moment the rapper/singer wished that 'SNL' was not actually live.

Live TV and wardrobe malfunctions - they always seem to go hand in hand. the latest victim of the spectacle was Lil Nas X who had a wardrobe malfunction while on 'SNL' over the past weekend.

You'll have no doubt already seen the clip of the moment, but in case you haven't, the star was gyrating on the stage when his pants split and, well - you get the picture. He was performing his single 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)' while grinding on a pole dancing pole in super tight leather pants: it was bound to happen. But, like the true performer that he is, after a brief moment of realisation, Lil Nas X grinned his way through his wardrobe malfunction and continued the remainder of the track while covering his crotch with his hand.

Appearing on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' last night, the performer was asked about what was running through his head the moment it all went loose.

He told Fallon, who was joined by Dave Grohl: "Boom! I feel air. There's definitely a breeze going on. And I also felt some popping still happening while I was down there.

"So I was like, oh God, just please don't let this be on TV already. And 'SNL' is actually live, you know? And you know what the worst part is? At the end of the performance, the dancers were supposed to touch me, and they were tugging on the pants. And I was like 'Please God, no!'"

And then he walked off the stage wearing a towel, like the trooper he is. That's one memorable way to make your 'SNL' debut, that's for sure.

Here's the full interview with the charismatic performer.