Warwick Davis
will say so long to Life's Too Short by teaming up with his former Willow co-star Val Kilmer for a very special final one-hour episode. BBC, Backlash Productions and HBO have decided that the show won't get a second series so the boys are sending it out with a bang.

"I think fans of Willow are going be really surprised to see Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer reunited on screen", series co-creator Stephen Merchant said. "Almost as surprised as Val will be when he finds out what we're paying him."

Davis, who previously starred with Kilmer in the 1988 fantasy film, can't wait to get back on board for the special. "I am thrilled to be able to step back into Warwick's shoes again for this special. Ricky and Stephen's scripts are always a gift to play and the inclusion of Val Kilmer is nothing short of genius."

As for Gervais, he's just exicted to work with Keith Chegwin. "It will make a nice change from working on The Muppet Movie opposite weird little things with squeaky voices" he said. Burrrrrn.