The longest running couple of this season's 'Love Island' are no more as Jake and Liberty have split up.

The couple had been in trouble for the last few episodes as Liberty felt her feelings for Jake were stronger than his.

She also doubted how genuine he is.

On last night's 'Love Island', Liberty opened up to Faye about how she is feeling.

She reflected how seeing her friend and Teddy together made her realise that her and Jake "aren't right for each other."

Liberty then told Jake she doesn't believe that he loves her because he's bothered by her messiness and other personality traits she has.

They decided to "go their separate ways to do what's right for the pair of them".

The pair still have to go on their final date, as was previewed at the end of the episode.

It was also teased that after the date, they make an announcement at the fire pit that shocks the other islanders.

Viewers at home speculated that either the pair are getting back together, or that they've decided to leave the show, or perhaps both.

Here's what people were saying on Twitter...

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