This seems totally unlikely, but it'd be so cool if it actually happened.

Liam Neeson was recently interview about his new film, A Walk Among The Tombstones, and naturally enough, his previous work came up for discussion.

When asked about reprising the role of Ra's Al Ghul - his character in Batman Begins - for the DC Comics TV series Arrow, Neeson excitedly replied that he'd do it "in a heartbeat."

Neeson went on, explaining that he hasn't been approached, but said he'd be more than willing to try it.

DC Comics, the company behind Batman and Arrow, have been fairly clear on the fact that the movie universe ala Nolan and Man of Steel is completely seperate to their TV one, which Arrow and the upcoming Flash TV series is a part of.

It's obvious that Neeson is keen to do some TV work, considering how it pretty much revitalises anyone's career - just look at McConaughey, for feck sake.


via MTVNews