With news that 'The Tommy Tiernan Show' is being extended for another six weeks, it's one of the few shows out there at the moment that could potentially keep the magic going with a minimum of fuss.

In fact, last night's show proved that point with Liam Cunningham and Tiernan's easy, relaxed chats about everything from accidentally training to be an electrician, what he really thinks of 'Game of Thrones', or even why he's still in Ireland.

"There's a healthy begrudgery here, isn't there? I kinda like it. Walking down the street, 'Think you're bleedin' great?!'" Cunningham laughed. "You wouldn't be let get ahead of yourself. I have a healthy respect for that, there's no falsehood in it."

By all accounts, Liam Cunningham's humility played a big part in the interview, as well as how people responded online.

Here's a clip from last night's interview on the show.