One thing we've all come to learn at this stage of Game of Thrones is that absolutely nobody is safe, and that your favourite character's head can literally be on the chopping block at any time.

While we've had many the jaw dropping moments down the years, it looks like we are in for even more death and despair in season six. Irish actor Liam Cunningham who plays Ser Davos in the hit show told TVLine recently;

"When I was reading these scripts, there’s a certain kind of bizarre new philosophy to what they’re doing. It’s different this year. There’s some very different stuff. There’s quite a few new people. There’s quite a few people going this year — as there is every year, to be fair. I’m not speaking out of shop when I say that. But I was astonished at the numbers. [Laughs] …It’s one of the things that makes the show so interesting: the fact that nobody’s safe. Anybody can go at any time."

While Cunningham also expanded on his turbulent relationship with Melisandre this season saying;

"There’s one or two things that’s going to happen. First of all, they are very, very strange bedfellows, as they say, but they are in a very weird situation. For two people who have an abhorrent dislike of each other, they’re both in the same boat. We both lost Stannis. We both lost our reason for being in the show.

"Also, both of us have found ourselves leaning towards Jon Snow. She has seen something in the flames about this dude. I have found, while talking with Stannis to Jon, that this guy is a fellow traveler. He’s the real deal. He’s a good guy. He’s definitely got leadership qualities, and he has a heroic and charismatic quality to him. Davos will obviously be drawn to that kind of character. Davos isn’t a leader.

Hmm why is he talking about Jon Snow in the future tense?? We're onto you Game of Thrones."

Cunningham went on to say; "So [Davos and Melisandre are] both in Castle Black, in a terrible spot in the same s**t, and they hate each other. [Laughs] It’s brilliant drama. Brilliant! What a set-up. It’s a series by itself!"

We'd watch it! Only if it involved Jon Snow though too. Obvs.