Lewis Hamilton
put every other star in the reasonably priced car to shame last night, beating Formula 1 rival Sebastian Vettel's Top Gear lap record in style. Young Lewis cruised home on the infamous circuit in a time of 1 minute 42.9 seconds.

Host Jeremy Clarkson said Hamilton was "the fastest man we've ever had", before musing that the British F1 favourite wasn't even concentrating on the task at hand. And there we were thinking Hammond's little trip to Mexico would be the most entertaining thing about last night's show. That and the car rugby, obviously.

Hamilton was understandably shocked at his good fortune. Back in 2007 he's tackled the same track after a rain shower, coming home in a time of 1 minute 44.7 seconds, behind Vettel, Reubens Barrichelo and Nigel Mansell. "Wow, Holy c**p, I’m really surprised", Mr Nicole Scherzinger laughed.

Well Lewis, if you can handle a former Pussycat Doll and an F1 track, then you can probably do anything. Wonder how he'd fare against The Stig...