They dreamed a dream and now it’s coming to our screens.

The BBC and Weinstein Company, who previously paired up on epic drama War and Peace starring Lily James and Paul Dano, will be joining forces once again to adapt Les Misérables for a TV event.

The mini-series will have six parts, written by Andrew Davies, and will air on BBC1.

Producer Harvey Weinstein promises it will be ‘an intense and serious drama that will find contemporary relevance to what’s going on in the world today.’

Unfortunately for some, the series will be based on the original novel of Victor Hugo, not on the award-winning musical.

Fans of the movie and Broadway show may be disappointed, but look on the bright side – there’s no chance of having the endure the vocal ‘talents’ of someone like Russell Crowe again…

Moreover BBC have earned a rep for making high production value period dramas and literary adaptations, so we’re looking forward to seeing what they do with the material.

Let us know who you hope they cast!