After the roaring success that is Room, it's quite clear that Lenny Abrahamson has his pick of projects.

As he mentioned in our podcast interview, Abrahamson's got a few things lined up and now, he can add breaking into US television to his to-do list. 

Based on the acclaimed novel by Kem Nunn, Chance follows a neuropsychiatrist, played by Hugh Laurie, who's drawn into the underbelly of San Francisco when he becomes involved with one of his patients who may or may not have multiple personality disorder. Her spouse, an abusive, tyrannical police detective, is intent on destroying Laurie's character and chases him across the city.

The series has been taken on by US-based streaming service, Hulu, for a two season order of ten episodes apiece, with Abrahamson signed on to exec-produce and direct several episodes.

As it stands, Laurie is the only actor attached to the project, however more are expected to be announced in the coming weeks as the series is expected to debut later in 2016. Kem Nunn, although primarily known as an author, has some truck with high-end television.

Nunn was directly involved with HBO's Deadwood, alongside David Milch, and worked on Sons of Anarchy's fifth season. Joining Nunn in adapting his novel is Alexandra Cunningham, who served as an writer / producer for Desperate Housewives and also worked on HBO's Rome, NYPD Blue and the US version of Prime Suspect.

It's not yet known if Chance will be broadcast on Irish screens as Hulu is, for the moment, only available (legally, anyway) in the US.