There's no denying that Lena Dunham is a divisive figure in television and pop culture generally.

People either respond to Dunham's general nature and tone or they reject it outright - and the ones that are against are pretty vocal about it as this clearly shows. Ryan Murphy, creator of AHS, tweeted last night that Dunham was joining the cast of the new season, saying that he always wanted to work with her.

The AHS fanbase, however, had a much different reaction. A much, much different reaction.

And there's about a hundred more replies that pretty much outline how much people dislike the idea of Lena Dunham joining the new season of American Horror Story. For sure, it's an odd choice for all concerned. Dunham is apparently set to begin work on writing the screenplay for the Toni Erdmann remake, so taking on a role like this either means the script isn't due for ages or she's going to be killed off early in the show.

Either way, the reaction definitely speaks volumes.


Via Twitter