There's nothing worse than wanting a specific gift from the parents at Christmas time, only for them to get it completely wrong when you rip open that cheap wrapping paper. And one of the best pop culture references where this happens is when Bart Simpson opens Marge's present of 'Lee Carvello’s Putting Challenge' in the season seven episode entitled 'Marge Be Not Proud'.

Sigh, 'Bonestorm' would have to be played at Milhouse's.

However, those of us who want to have a go at playing the iconic video game can now have that opportunity nearly a quarter of a century after the episode's release.

Television writer Bill Oakley - known for working as the executive producer and showrunner on the cartoon series for its seventh and eighth seasons - tweeted his discovery of the online video game.

So if you plan on ignoring all of Lee's golfing suggestions, choosing to power drive instead of a feather touch, then you can head over to the video game's official website (here) and have a crack at 'The Simpsons' video game yourself.

Just in case you've forgotten, here's the one and only time Bart managed to make it through one hole of golf with Lee.