It's the most controversial kiss of the entire season of 'Love Island' and it turns out it may not have happened the way it looks. Well, Georgia definitely went in for a second kiss with Jack on their infamous date but the whole incident has been thrown into question following some leaked footage from the show.

In the clip below, you see Wes and Meg having their post-date kiss while Georgia and Jack are just getting up off their chairs.

However in the clip after, you see Wes and Meg only going in for their kiss in the background of Georgia and Jack's kiss.

What does it all mean? Could reality TV be a *gasp* LIE? Say it isn't so, 'Love Island'!

We'll be here rocking back and forth questioning is anything real until 'Love Island' begins at 9pm and we have some new drama in the villa to focus on.

Yes, we are losers, join us in our loser ways.