That's funny. Because they're both ITV shows... David (Matthew Wolfenden) off Emmerdale got leave to appear on Dancing on Ice. Kirk (Andy Whyment) off Corrie got leave to appear on Dancing on Ice last year. While we're at it, Sean (Antony Cotton) off Corrie got leave to appear on ITV's other big Winter earner I'm A Celebrity… none of them had to quit. And let's be honest, it would've been the opportune time for Corrie producers to give Kirk the boot (any time is an opportune time).

But, no, for some unfathomable reason (the public won't turn up to her Personal Appearances in Essex nightclubs and producers are sick of her acting the goat, pulling drunken hissiers onset) Lauren Goodger has had to quit TOWIE so she could appear on Dancing on Ice.

Arbitrary Sun spouting source said: "Lauren knows she is not an integral part of Towie any more, so she’s decided to jump ship. An opportunity to do Dancing On Ice came along and she's jumped at the chance. But ITV are really strict about Towie people doing other shows where they are treated as celebs, so she can't do both. She hopes the public will see a different side to her on Dancing On Ice and that she will be able to launch a career off the back of it. She's watched Mark (Wright) pick up telly work after he quit and did I'm A Celebrity. She's keen to do the same."

She's about the only one.