Bit harsh. I'm sure they appreciate some of her more obvious qualities.

Anyway, Helen has been bleating on about leaving the 'jungle' since being consistently voted to perform Bush Tucker trials by the public, much like they did with Gillian McKeith and Natalie Appleton, yaddah, etc. Essentially the public likes seeing hysterical women scream. Especially if there's a chance they might be wearing a bikini.

To date, Helen has endured all of four seconds in a burial pitt, eaten a fermented egg, osterich anus, an arbitrary testical and, if some headlines are be believed, a camel toe. On tonight's installment (there wasn't any show last night thanks to Sweden's sterling game of friendly footie against England) we'll see Helen partake in Cruelty Towers (a fairly pithy pun on Fawlty Towers) in which she has to placate an ostrich (well, she did eat its friend's anus) while negotiating several other creatures. True to form, she starts off positive enough and then plunges into a pit of despair once she actually has to start doing anything.

So get to the bit about Laura Whitmore already. Here's what the I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here Now co-host had to say to The Sun: "Ant and Dec have lost patience with her and I think most of the crew hate her since she bailed out of the Bug Burial Trial. Months of preparation, health and safety checks goes into those trials. So to do all that and have Helen walk away after just ten seconds is annoying." She's got a point, but 'hate' is such a strong word, Laura... And, to be fair, she's not 'fainted' on live TV to get out of a trial (yet).

Also on tonight's show, we'll see more of Hugo bitching some more about Nadine (to David Haye, who is no more interested in his whining), and we'll also see "telly chef" Rosemary Shrager (not to be confused with the surviving member of Two Fat Ladies; Rosemary has appeared on ITV's Ladette to Lady...) and Limal from the '80s entering the bush. As has become customary, the pair will had to bear some night of horror in order to win something for the camp they're due to invade.

It starts at 8.30pm tonight 3e/ITV