Despite the fact her friend and colleague died only the day before, Laura Whitmore turned up on BBC Radio 5 live to host her weekly show.

Clearly emotional, Whitmore began by acknowledging the fact that she was unsure whether she "should, would or could come on air today," but said that she did so in order to pay respect to her friend, Caroline Flack.

"Yesterday we lost someone before their time. Anyone who knew Caroline knew she was vivacious, loving, and had a passion for life, which is why none of this makes sense," Whitmore continued.

"She was bubbly, and for such a small stature commanded a room. She loved to laugh and had the most infectious chuckle. She also had many struggles. I'm not going to pretend she's perfect, but is anyone? She lived every mistake publicly under the scrutiny of the media."

Whitmore went on, defending 'Love Island' and the show, and adding that it was not a contributing factor in Flack's death. "The problem wasn't the show, the show to work on is loving and caring and safe and protected. The problem is, the outside world is not."

"I've seen journalists and Twitter warriors talk about this tragedy and they themselves have twisted what the truth is. You don't have to tear someone down to feel good about yourself," she added.

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The freephone number for Samaritans is 116-123 or you can e-mail them at [email protected]