No one is going to be happy about being fired by Lord Sugar, but the latest candidate to be dismissed reckons he knew his time on the show would be short lived.

Ross Fretten, a 29 year old digital product consultant from Essex was this week's dismissal Although he's disappointed to be let go, he told Digital Spy "I knew from episode two that we were not compatible business partners and I believe Lord Sugar came to that same conclusion."

The reason for the friction between the two? According to Fretten it's due to them coming from two very worlds "If you look back at the history of The Apprentice, Lord Sugar likes to invest in businesses that he has experience in – with the exception of the beauty clinic. Lord Sugar comes from a hardware background. I'm from the world of new media. He doesn't know that industry and I don't know his."

Without naming anyone, he also slammed some of his fellow contestants who he claims are more interested in becoming reality TV stars than successful business people. Fretten isn't going to wallow on the show for too long though saying "With me, I've already started focusing on my business plan, which I'm going to work with Lord Sugar on. Anyone can see where my dedication lies."