The coronavirus may be taking over our everyday lives, but that doesn't mean we can't have a bit of light entertainment along the way. Yesterday, for St. Patrick's Day, many of the American late-night chat show hosts presented their shows from the comfort of their own homes. Here's how they celebrated.

Getting his film producer wife Nancy to film his segment, Jimmy Fallon gave us an update on what he's been doing during the lockdown with his family. Every night he hosts from his home, Jimmy is asking for donation to various charities to help combat COVID-19. Last night's one was Feeding America.

Jimmy also poured himself a can of Guinness for the day that was in it, and ate Kerrygold butter with questionable "Irish soda bread". He topped it all off with an original rendition of a Paddy's Day song, accent and all.

The couple also made sure their female golden retriever, Gary, was on display at all times.

Host Jimmy Fallon also provided an update on his family's activities over the past few days, joking that his blood-type is "Disney positive" for the amount of times he's had to watch 'Frozen 2' with his children.

He then bashed US President Trump for a little while, before giving his viewers some tips on how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day while in quarantine. He also provided a throw-back to that time Alabama residents thought they spotted a leprechaun.

Stephen Colbert's musical acts from last night's bath tub edition included that gruesome twosome Head & Shoulders, and he provided viewers with some COVID-19 facts, unlike their current US President.

He hosted a segment outside of his back garden while sitting at a BBQ, and gave an insight into the political happenings in the States as the race for Presidency continues.