Ticket applications are now open for this year's 'Late Late Toy Show', with the announcement being made on last night's show.

If you think it's going to be tough to get a ticket however, you're absolutely right. Last year, RTÉ received - wait for it - 100,000 applications for tickets to the 'Late Late Toy Show' and odds are it'll be the same again this year.

The theme, of course, hasn't yet been announced however the show will be broadcast on November 29th, officially kicking off the Christmas season in Ireland. Like every other year, the tickets are drawn from a random lottery and if you're lucky enough to get a chance, you're notified closer to the date.

As ever, tickets are non-transferable and are only allocated to those they're assigned. Then again, unless there's some major life-changing event happening, you're going to go because, come on, going to the 'Late Late Toy Show' is a major life-changing event.

Simply fill out the application form, don't forget to fill in your contact details and before you know it, you could be on your way to the 'Late Late Toy Show'.

Here's the direct link to the application form.