With Valentine's Day fast approaching (it isn't, but we need something to look forward to), the time has come for the annual Valentine's Special on the Late Late Show.

As ever, the audience makes up half the fun of the show and if you're single, over 18, and have no problem discussing the inner workings of your love life on national TV with the very real likelihood your parents are going to see it, you're in luck.

Last night saw the official kick-off of the search for audience members, with Tubridy announcing the show's theme and the general vibe of it all. "We want people to come and join us in the assembly hall of dating destiny. We are opening our doors, our hearts and our arms to the singletons of this country. Your time is now, the place is here, so apply for true love...or at least love for 24 hours..."

So, if you're up for it and game for a laugh, here's how to apply. Simply follow this link right here and fill out the form. Pay particular attention to the story part because, let's face it, everyone has a horror story from dating. There's also a part about secret crushes and the like, so definitely fill that in while you're at it.

Who knows, we could end up writing about you and your escapades when it broadcasts on February 14th of this year?