While it may be that 'Graham Norton' has more well-known guests and a different tack, last night's 'Late Late Show' was undoubtedly a piece of public service broadcasting that it wouldn't come near.

Last night saw an entire segment of the show dedicated to recreating a test for COVID-19, with Ryan Tubridy going through the same processes as everyone else. The segment was staffed by real-life frontline health workers, talking through the steps taken for a test, and what each of them does and represents.

It was clear, informative, completely lacking in sensationalism, and done with a level of expertise and calmness that you really wouldn't get anywhere else. In short, it was a credit to everyone involved.

Needless to say, the segment was hailed on Twitter and social media for being as informative and reassuring as can be, not to mention the fact that the segment was done in conjunction with the HSE and frontline workers.

Here's the segment itself. If you want more information and what to do in the event of presenting symptoms, just follow this link.