It's safe to say that a character like Shane MacGowan is going to provoke a response, so devoting an entire episode of 'Late Late' to him is going to have the same effect.

While it's clear that the intentions of all concerned were good, there's no denying that there was definitely something a little off with last night's episode, from the choice of guests down to the idea of setting it inside a faux pub when the person they're lionising is in deteriorating from issues relating to alcohol.

This uncomfortable mixture, it seems, wasn't lost on people watching it either.

Of course, by the same amount, people thought that the entire episode was a moving tribute to a living legend, someone who's defined Irish music across the globe, and remains a deeply poetic writer.

Other highlights of the night included Philomena Begley forgetting the lyrics to 'Fairytale of New York',  people pointing out Gerry Adams in the audience "dressed up like a hypnotherapist from Portlaoise," and just the general oddness of it all.

In the end, it's right that Shane MacGowan should be honoured and no doubt when he inevitably passes on, people will be glad of this kind of honouring and record of his work and achievements.

Could it have been done more gracefully? Could it have been staged with a little more poise? Probably, but those aren't adjectives anyone would use to describe the Pogues or Shane MacGowan.

Not only that, he probably wouldn't want that said about him either. The full show is available on RTÉ Player now.