Love Island may not normally be your cup of tea, but whether you care to admit it or not, an awful lot of viewers fell into the rabbit hole of watching last year's series. It was kind of like Big Brother in the sun essentially, with the aim being to be the couple who viewers would vote as the worthy winners of the £50,000 prize.

Last summer, that was Nathan and Cara, who were by far the most genuine couple on the show and were like two peas in a pod with their Essex ways. However, it seems the pair have reached the end of the road, with Nathan expected to reveal all on tonight's The Only Way is Essex when he meets up with his mate Tommy Mallet.

"It's completely over now. Sadly," Nathan admits. "We were just under each other's feet too much. The littlest thing would spark a massive argument.

"I just thought to myself, 'Where's this going?' I'm not saying it's her, I'm not saying it's me. It's just brought me down a lot. My friends have seen it, and I think she's the same.

"It's sad. But I don't resent her. I hope she doesn't resent me for anything. I just want a relationship like you two [Tommy and girlfriend Georgia Kousoulou). That would be nice."

So that's the end of that, good thing there's a new series of Love Island starting in just a few months... not that, eh, we'll be watching.