There was only one truly great love story to come out of 2017's 'Love Island' and that was the friendship between Chris and Kem. The pair became the best of friends on the series and even went on to make a rap song together (yep) and got their own spin-off show.

This year however, the award for best 'Love Island' friendship undoubtedly goes to Dani and Georgia. The pair's closeness was cemented during the Casa Amor days last week when both girls were a support to each other as they pined after their fellas, and now Dani is there for her little G now that Josh has gone and "mugged her off".

They're constantly giving each other much needed hugs, a well-timed pep talk and honestly, if it wasn't for the glorious love story that was unfolding between Dani and Jack, we would say these two ladies had the most genuine affection for each other on the show.

They're both absolute gems and have proven time and time again that they are two of the most loyal and trustworthy contestants in that villa.

Dani and Georgia spin-off show? We'd watch it. Just sayin'.