Last night's episode of 'Eastenders' was up there with some of the most controversial and talked-about episodes of the soap in years.

The Christmas episode saw Alfie Moon shoved down a flight of stairs by Hayley Slater while her sisters, Kat and Stacy, watched as it happened. While the moment was pretty shocking, the lead-up to it was even more so as Alfie had previously mocked Hayley enduring sexual abuse as a teenager.

The next episode, last night's, saw Kat dragging Alfie's lifeless body into the sitting room where... well, Jean made tea and served crumpets over his seemingly lifeless body.

A lot of people thought that Jean had dismembered Alfie's body and placed him in the bins but as it turned out, Alfie had indeed faked his injury and kidnapped baby Cherry in the process.

While some disagreed with Alfie's turn from cheeky chap to villain leading up to the Christmas episode, arguing that it was out of character for him, last night's episode proved to be pretty explosive.

Here's some of the best tweets during the episode.

'Eastenders' continue tonight at 7.30PM.