The final series of 'Catastrophe' ended last night, and viewers have been tweeting their opinions on the finale.

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney's 'Catastrophe' has enjoyed a four-series run. Garnering praise from both viewers and critics alike, the series has been a roaring success since starting out on Channel 4 in 2015.

Fans of last night's sixth and final episode of the series have been tweeting their opinions on the ending - and as you'd expect, it's resoundingly positive. *Potential finale spoilers down below.*

"A thing of mystery and beauty" - what a review.

A "perfect ending" to a series that "will be missed."


The word "poignant" has been thrown around a lot.

A better ending than 'The Sopranos' - although hard to believe - seemed to be the general consensus among viewers.

We're going to miss it too.


Sharon and Rob provided us with the weirdest of #RelationshipGoals.

However, many are choked up that there will be no more 'Catastrophe' on the way.

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