This may just be the most controversial Big Brother to date, what with celebrities walking out left, right, and centre and a few others who have just been outright asked to leave.

Last night however we had a good old fashioned eviction, and it was Patsy Kensit who finally got to pack her bags and go home, which she was pretty delighted about, and we don't blame her. We were starting to worry she might just break down if she was in there a second longer.

During her exit interview, Patsy told CBB host Emma Willis: "I'm just a different person to the woman I was years ago.

"Yes, I got up early but I laughed my arse off in there."

She also added however that; "It's the most stressful 21 days - it feels like 21 years - of my life."

We feel you Pats.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight, 9pm, Channel 5.