It's hard to believe that 16 months ago the world and its mother were left perplexed and hypnotised by the Netflix series 'Tiger King'.

There are various spin-offs and planned dramatisations about the life of the zookeeper in the works, and this one entitled 'Joe Exotic' has cast Kyle MacLachlan as the husband of Carole Baskin, Howard.

Reports are that the upcoming Peacock series has cast the 'Twin Peaks' and 'Blue Velvet' star in the role of Howard Baskin, Carole's ever-supportive husband. The couple married in 2004, seven years following the mysterious disappearance of her ex-husband Don Lewis.

MacLachlan will join the previously cast 'SNL' star Kate McKinnon in the role of Carole, who is basically Joe Exotic's mortal enemy. Theatre and TV actor John Cameron Mitchell will play Joe Exotic, who is currently living out his 22-year prison sentence for charges of animal abuse as well as two counts of attempted murder on Carole Baskin.

The 'Joe Exotic' series is just one of a number of productions set to tackle the 'Tiger King' controversy. This version will be based on the factual podcast of the same name, which features exclusive interviews with all of the people involved in this never-ending story all about greed, tigers, and country songs. However, McKinnon's Carole Baskin will be the main character of the story and will follow the big cat enthusiast as her battles with Joe rage on.

Currently also in the pipeline is a Nicolas Cage series, which will see the actor portray Joe Exotic, based on a Texas Monthly article about the entrepreneur. There's also a rumoured Ryan Murphy adaptation for Netflix in the works, with Rob Lowe as Joe. Better settle in for plenty more 'Tiger King' action on our screens over the coming years.