Kristin Scott Thomas has revealed that her Fleabag cameo left her feeling quite inadequate.

While promoting her new film Military Wives, Scott Thomas discussed her cameo in the second season of the BBC series.

She plays a successful business woman and associate of Claire's in the series. She's accidentally presented with a sculpture belonging to Fleabag and Claire's stepmother as a successful women in business award.

When Fleabag attempts to get the sculpture back from Scott Thomas' character the two hit it off and head for some cocktails and a heart to heart.

Here's the scene below if you need reminding.

Scott Thomas told The Independent that she was expecting a "walk in the park" when she agreed to appear on the show.

However it turns out that Fleabag writer and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge is quite specific when it comes to line readings of her dialogue.

“but actually, Phoebe has a very specific way of speaking, and her vocabulary is incredibly specific and quite rightly she's very, very, very, obsessive with the way you say things…"

“And because it's almost the way I speak, but not exactly, I kept getting things wrong. So I felt like a six-year-old. I felt very, very inadequate doing it.”

So there you have it. Even BAFTA winning, Academy Award nominated actresses can feel inadequate.

Scott Thomas' new film, Military Wives is out now and you can see what we thought of if here.