She may be rather busy working on the Veronica Mars Movie, but it seems Kristen Bell will still have time to guest star on an episode of Parks and Recreation.

Bell will play a snobby City Councilwoman, and we can't wait to see how she gets on with Amy Poehler's Leslie Knop. Showrunner Mike Schur is pretty psyched to have the actress on board, and has confessed that he may even try to persuade her to make her position permanent. "Once people join the world of the show we love to try to get them back. She's obviously in crazily high demand, so who knows, but I love her as an actress and a comedian and I think she's going to be great", he told E! News.

It's been a rather busy year for Ms Bell, who finally proposed to boyfriend Dax Shephard after the American Supreme Court ruled in favour of same sex marriage, and gave birth to their daughter Lincoln just four months ago.

Here's hoping we see more of her on screen very soon.