Last Friday, the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and world-renowned momager Kris Jenner appeared on the talk show with her daughter Kylie Jenner, who recently gave birth to her second child.

Wired up to a polygraph test, Kris began answering the talk show host and "cranky" polygraph tester's questions, for which Corden said she admitted to being "nervous" about.

The initial questions were basic, in order to calibrate the polygraph machine. For instance, Corden asked her to tell them her name, the name of the president of the United States, and Kylie asked "who is your favourite late-night host?" to which she responded "James Corden". Awww.

Once the machine adjusted to the famous momager, serious questions got underway. She revealed to Corden (and the world) that Kylie Jenner is her favourite child. Corden appeared shocked, not least due to the "speed" at which she answered the question.

Next, Corden asked, "Did you help Kim release her sex tape?' to which Kris responded a flat "no" — the lie detector showed that she was in fact telling the truth.

He later asks whether or not she liked her daughter Kourtney's much-critiqued wedding dress and she honestly admitted that she did like the Dolce & Gabanna gown.

Later in the game, Kris revealed that Kim Kardashian actually did not rip the million-dollar gown made for Marilyn Monroe that Kim wore to the Met Gala earlier this year, after much speculation that she "ruined" it.

Giggling along at the audacious questions, Kris didn't seem rattled whatsoever, and in fact, she answered almost every question honestly. There was one answer she gave that showed up as a lie though.

When asked whether or not Kourtney Kardashian and husband Travis Scott's public displays of affection were "too much", she responded, "once in a while". She explained that once in a while she reckons that they could pull back a bit.

One thing is for sure, she cleared up a lot of the Kardashian-Jenner rumours of late in about eight and a half minutes. That alone is pretty impressive, right?

Watch the 'Late Late Lie Detector w/Kris and Kylie Jenner' in full.