Kit Harrington has been chatting all things Game of Thrones recently ahead of the upcoming fifth season, and has said how much further he sees the hit show going.

The actor, who plays Jon Snow, told Digital Spy; "I don't know how many seasons it's going to run for; if I had to guess, and this is my guess, probably seven."

There are seven books so this estimate would make sense but George RR Martin said over the weekend that there are a few seasons worth of material in each of the final books, so don't get too alarmed yet.

Harrington also added that he felt this season would be the most impressive so far; "Some of my favourite TV shows in history, the best season was five - and they've maintained [the quality] 'til the end, but the best season was five. So this year's important to me, to all of us, in keeping that standard.

"I think we've got to the point that people who have watched it thus far will finish it, so I don't think we're going to lose its viewership. But it's about keeping that viewership happy, and keeping the quality up, and not doing what other TV shows have done in the past, which is finish on a whimper."

We can't even imagine how the show could possibly go out on a whimper, but then at this stage, we can't even imagine a world without Game of Thrones, and Harrington shares our sentiment; "I love returning to Thrones, I still do. I hate the thought of leaving that, it makes me so sad. I've loved it - honestly, it could not have been a more amazing experience."

So just say it's never going to end then... right? Right?? What does Jon Snow know anyway, NOTHING, is what!

Game of Thrones season five returns on April 13th.