If you happened to see the latest teaser for the final season of 'Game of Thrones', you'll recall how the Stark children were confronted with three statues beneath Winterfell of themselves.

The story goes that the dead members of House Stark are honoured with a statue of themselves, with the inference being that all three of them are facing death. Whether it turns out to be a dream or if it's real won't be made clear until the final season lands on April 14th.

As for the fate of the actual statue, however, there's something much more mundane. Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, kept his statue in his shed.

"They sent it to my house," Harrington told BBC Radio's Zoe Ball. "Got it in my shed, how sad is that? I was the only one who kept the statue, that's how narcissistic I am. I'm gonna turn it into a water feature."

To be fair, considering how their cloaks were made of fake fur rugs from IKEA and maintaining a man-bun is a pain in the hole, maybe it's not the worst thing in the world to hold on from your time on one of the biggest TV shows ever made.

Except, y'know, it's a bit self-involved.