You'd have to expect this, especially considering Liam Neeson's from the North and all. Nobody wants to piss that guy off.

Kit Harrington, better known as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, recently took part in an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers where he had less than flattering things to say about Belfast.

In the interview, Harrington described Belfast as 'wonderfully depressing' and wasn't best pleased about the fact he's been there for five years. "It's wonderful - for two or three days," explained Harrington.

The comments, as you'd imagine, drew a considerable backlash online and rankled Northerners. 

Since then, he's steadily backpedalled his comments and, in a recent interview, clarified his comments as best he could.

"I would hate to think anyone thought I thought that, Belfast is like a second home to me because I have been there five years. That's why I thought I could get away making a joke about it."

He went on, explaining that he felt "people had misunderstood it and then I realised I should apologise, I did not mean it to come across in any way derogatory of Belfast or snobbery of Belfast."

So, what do you think? Was he being a snob or were people being overly sensitive? Let us know in the comments!