It's fitting he should sing a Train song when his newest TV appearance sees him on a train going from Galway to Dublin.

'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington might not be known for being a singer, but that didn't stop him from taking on the challenge of serenading us during his latest appearance on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'.

As the host explains, 'Straight Up Goes For It', is a segment of the late-night talk show that has been pitched multiple times over its 1,500 episodes, but no-one has had the courage to take it on. It sees Fallon's guest sing Train's 'Drop of Jupiter' and Kit just so happens to be the only one who has said yes after six years of pitches.

Admittedly not the best singing voice we've ever heard, you can't deny that you're not entertained by the man. Just look at that passion - that's not drops of Jupiter you're seeing, it's drops of sweat.

During his appearance on the show, Kit Harington talks to Jimmy Fallon about starring in an episode of John Carney's season two of 'Modern Love'. Set in Ireland, the episode sees him bump into a character played by Lucy Boynton while they're travelling across the country from Galway to Dublin via IrishRail.

Discussing his time spent in Ireland, Kit told Jimmy that he was in something he called an "Amazon feedback loop". Essentially, he was getting paid by Amazon for the episode, while ordering food from Amazon, and only being allowed to watch TV shows by Amazon. Could it be a sign of what our future holds? Let's hope not.

He also discussed life since becoming a father with his wife Rose Leslie, and addressed his new role in Marvel's 'Eternals'. Putting him on the spot, Jimmy then asked if those Harry Styles rumours are true - which seemed to make the actor rather uncomfortable. Fans online think that the former One Direction singer will make an appearance in the upcoming movie.

'Modern Love' season two is available on Amazon Prime now.