Kevin James will return to TV in a deal with Sony that will see the actor produce and star in a new sitcom. 

James has had huge success in movies, with Paul Blart: Mall Cop a surprise box office smash when it was released a few years back. A sequel is due for release in Irish cinemas in mid April.

After the success of Blart, many expected James to be a mainstay in multiplexes - but Here Comes the Boom, The Dilemma and The Zookeeper were not hits for him. He did however see some flicks embraced by audiences as he starred with pals Adam Sander and Chris Rock in Grown Ups and its sequel - both strong earners. 

King of Queens ran for nine seasons, and has been in syndication for some time. Produced by Sony also, it's a huge earner for the studio so getting back into the TV game with James was obviously a no brainer.

Movie stars frequently move between television and film now - both Melissa McCarthy and Steve Carell floated between both to dual success, while Colin Farrell,Vince Vaughn and Keanu Reeves are all working on small screen projects. 

James has the blockbuster Pixels due this summer, again alongside pal Sandler. 

Via Deadline