Now that the lads are back in business filming the fifth series of the show, the rumour mill has of course been running rife with what's going to happen in the latest series, as well as if the end is in fact nigh for these Dublin crime lords.

It was reported that the sixth series would indeed be the last, but according to Killian Scott, who play's Tommy on the show, nothing has been decided yet. He told RTE; "I don't know where people get this information but it's news to me. I think the focus at the moment is season five and if there is a season six and what that will be, that is a question for a later date."

So everybody can relax, we could in fact have years more antics from Nidge and the lads ahead of us yet, perhaps even see them into their retirement. Well so says Tommy anyways, and he only lies for cans of fizzy orange.

Come on, that joke's not old yet right? Right??