Although '24' has been off the air for quite a while, it's still hard not to look at Kiefer Sutherland and not immediately associate him with Jack Bauer.

The actor-musician was on last night's 'Late Late' with Tubbers and told a great yarn about how he ended up scuffling on the floor with none other than Shane McGowan of the Pogues, all of it being spectated by Van Morrison, Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, and Sinead O'Connor.

As Sutherland tells it, the fight broke out when discussing that most contentious of issues - the history of Scotland - and ended up with McGowan and Sutherland rolling around on the floor, with McGowan even wearing a cast and still holding his own against Sutherland.

The story didn't end with Sutherland dropping McGowan into an armbar or judo-throwing him around the place, but with something truly unexpected and just the kind of intelligence you'd expect from someone like McGowan.

It's fascinating stuff. Take a look.