Kiefer Sutherland has never watched an episode of 24. Speaking to Jonathan Ross, the actor revealed he hated seeing himself on screen so has not seen a single episode of the much loved show. 'I haven't watched an episode of 24, no,' he said. 'But I know how it goes, I have read the script'.

Apparently this fear of watching himself on telly stems from his role in coming of age film, Stand By Me. Where as most of us love this film, Sutherland refers to the movie as a 'mortifying' experience. 'I had a very specific idea of what I wanted to do with the character,' he said. 'I was standing there, we watched the movie, and everything I thought I wanted to do, I hadn't done at all'. The actor found the whole experience so humiliating, he contemplated switching jobs, telling his then girlfriend, 'If I don't get another job and this comes out I'm dead and my career is over.'

Sutherland is currently shooting 24: Live Another Day in London. He didn't give too much away on the upcoming series except that we could expect a 'terrorist threat' and some character changes.

'I can't go into it at length but some of the characters that are more familiar to the audience that are coming back, their relationships in these last four years have dynamically changed as well. At the root of it, [Jack’s] going to have a s****y day.'

For the full interview, Kiefer Sutherland is on The Jonathan Ross Show this Saturday 8th February.