Following his harrowing experience recently, you can put your minds at ease because Kevin the Carrot is doing fine. He's survived the crash, and has returned to save his carrot family. 

He was nearly toast after a perilous accident, but now Aldi have announced Kevin the Carrot is back without a scratch on him. The nations’ favourite Christmas hero will launch his Christmas ad campaign this week. Tune into the Six One News on RTE One this Friday, 9th November to see the continuation unfold.

The new 60 second film follows the first Aldi Christmas teaser that saw Kevin's truck crash. Viewers have been left in nerve-wracking suspense, guessing whether Kevin survives after crashing his truck in treacherous conditions in the snow.

Friday’s launch advert introduces a new baddie, Pascal the Parsnip. Pascal is on a mission to cause misery to Kevin and his family. His loving wife Katie, and their three children Chantenay, Baby Carrot, and Jasper need some saving.

With fatherly instincts at the root of Kevin’s bravery, he manages to overcome the perils of the Parsnip.

Watch Kevin the Carrot's bravery unfold in the fairy tale adventure below:

And if you know someone who's absolutely mad about Kevin the Carrot, now you can buy them a plush toy. There will be plush soft toys available this Christmas from Aldi stores, including a giant metre tall Kevin plush. Christmas decorations and a novelty gift mug will also be available to buy from 22nd November in support of Aldi’s charity partner, FoodCloud.