One of the most recognisable Christmas stories is retold between a fan-favourite carrot and a Scrooge-like banana.

Aldi's Christmas advert for 2021 has arrived just as the Christmas lights around the country begin to be set alight.

This year's edition features Kevin the Carrot, of course, who has become synonymous with Aldi and Christmas for the past few years, but this time around he's got some Christmas spirit to share.

Appearing as the Spirit of Christmas, Kevin takes a brand new character called Ebanana Scrooge on an overnight journey of self-discovery (and a delicious-looking table set for Christmas dinner), hoping to make him see that he doesn't always have to act like a bruised banana all of the time.

It's a classic retelling of Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', which has been retold in many different ways over the years, including 'A Muppet Christmas Carol' and Apple TV+'s 2022 comedy/musical with Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.

Here's Aldi's Christmas advert for this year, which you'll start seeing on your TV every evening from now until the festive season is over.

Over the weekend just gone by, Aldi shared a brief teaser that introduced Ebanana Scrooge, which led to fans being up in arms, thinking that Kevin the Carrot had been ditched for this year's Christmas campaign.

This is the fifth year that Aldi has had the lovable orange vegetable as the star of their campaign for the festive season; but will he be joined by the yellow fruit going forward? It's too early to start thinking about Christmas 2022... right?