When you're an actor, the old rule is to never work with children or animals - the reason being that they're either inexperienced, or won't work on command they way most actors do.

Kevin Hart's a guy who takes the latter part to heart, but it's also down to the fact that he - in his own words - doesn't "understand what (they're) thinking and I don't wanna be around (them)", which, you know, is fair.

Anyway, it all came out on last night's edition of 'Graham Norton' where Hart was on promoting 'Jumanji: The Next Level' with Dwayne Johnson and was joined by Jodie Whittaker, the star of 'Doctor Who'. First off, Hart said he confronted a racist camel - or at least a camel who had a serious problem with him and nobody else - on the set of the movie.

Of course, his co-star Johnson reminded him that it might have simply been the camel being afraid of him because of the fearful vibe from Hart, but how and ever.

The other part of Hart's feelings on animals (and the people around them), however, came when Jodie Whittaker was telling a story about a sac spider on the set of 'Doctor Who'. As she tells it in her deep Yorkshire accent, the spider dropped down on top of her and scurried off while people were filming - all of whom, Hart is convinced were white.

Take a look.

Conclusion - Kevin Hart's got some unresolved issues with animals, but it makes for good late-night talk show banter.